Digital Media Partner – Startup Mentoring and Advising



Starting Up Partner is a flexible program by Digital Media Partner expressly designed for Startups and SMEs to support them in the validation and development of their business idea and to assist them in the fund raising process, through VCs as well as crowdfunding.


The program offers three types of support, seqeuntial but modular: Business Assessment, Business Plan Advising and Fund Raising.


Digital Media Partner, funded by Fabio Allegreni, who is also a member of Xandas team, has been operating since 2002 as a digital media consulting firm supporting both Startups and large enterprises.


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U-Start is the entry point for private investors to the fastest growing opportunities in the tech and ICT sector.


To provide access and constant exposure to digital innovation globally, U-Start offers its clients a series of activities, from advisory services (U-Start Advisory) to inspiring meet-ups in up-surging tech ecosystems (U-Start Conferences).


A privileged access to U-Start services is given to U-Start Club members.


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